Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Tricky Little Shawl

Did I tell you I finished my sage-green shawl at last? This is the one I made to match the one I knitted for my mother last Christmas. I liked hers so much, I wanted us to have matching shawls.
It has what we prayer shawl ladies call the "Wave Pattern."
I took my pair of pink socks along on the West Virginia trip, hoping to finish them. Not likely! I think I added about seven rows though. More importantly, I refreshed my brain on how the pattern works, after forgetting for many months.
On to this new shawl! A prayer shawl friend gave me this pattern. It's a triangular shawl, knitted in three sections. The pattern is a bit finicky and tricky, and before I made one for the prayer shawl ministry, I decided to make one for myself (or to sell), to practice the pattern. She uses Simply Soft yarn for this and recommends it. I had some Simply Soft lying around, so I used it also.
The pattern does NOT call for that alternate colored yoke. I did that myself, and did not like it. But I was afraid I didn't have enough of the dark blue yarn, and wanted to compensate with the complementary light blue somewhere. I ended up with plenty of dark blue (of course!), so it wasn't necessary. Ah well. Live and learn.
Even though I made the center panel the prescribed length, I felt it was short. Here's the pattern of the middle panel. I've been knitting long enough now that I like patterns with some difficulty in them. It keeps the brain awake while knitting.
The dark blue above; the light blue below. After finishing the shawl, I bought another skein of the light blue and started a rectangular shawl using that color, and part of the pattern design from the triangular shawl.
This is the pattern on the two "wings." I liked it a lot.
Julia models the shawl. It suits her. The back panel is attractive, and the light blue doesn't look bad.
There's a little smudge on the camera lens, but you get the idea.
I'll keep you posted on this pattern. I've started the second one -- the one for the prayer shawl group -- in a variegated Simply Soft color.


  1. Mary Katherine, you're doing very well with your hand work. The shawl looks quite nice on Julia and your Mom's shawl is a lovely shade. (typing so fast I missed the s in shade and typed hade...made me thing...ya know?) LOL

  2. You are quite talented MK. I've thought of making prayer shawls too, but have not found a crocheted pattern that I like. Do any in your group have a crochet pattern for a shawl? I can knit, but knitting isn't good to do these days, as a couple of fingers go numb while knitting.

    Your shawls are all lovely and your stitching is very nicely done.

    Happy knitting ~ FlowerLady

  3. The prayer shawl is beautiful! I'm awed by your skill! I also love Julia's blouse. Where can I get one, lol? Could you fill me in on the whole "prayer shawl" idea? Why are they called that, etc.? (Maybe via email.) Also, thanks for your comment on my ATC post. I think you'd enjoy making these pieces of miniature art. The site I participate in is Maybe when things slow down this fall? :)

  4. You are so creative and I like the two blues together like that. Smart thinking. I am impressed how much you get done and think that knitting is one thing that really helps us slow down. But I am no where near your level of knitting. Ohhhh....had to go back and look at Julia's blouse and I like it, too!

  5. ok, I'll admit my ignorance. What is a prayer shawl? I've heard of them, but not known anyone who wore one. I guess it is worn during prayer. Is the idea like a head covering? Anyway, they're beautiful; you are quite talented M.K.

  6. Soft and comfy! And handmade! (That's just the best!)


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