Saturday, August 16, 2014

Around the Village

In spite of a rainy forecast, vendors and customers showed up for last Saturday's market over the weekend. Here are two four of my favorite customers, Tom and (I can't remember her name), Russ and Milou.
We vendors have quite a fun time together. Here's Candice, Bob, Christine, Kip, and Joe laughing and looking on.
Beau got into some of my yarn while I was away on vacation (sigh), so I spent my market time detangling it.
We Orientalites have some humor. Bilbo Baggins should have heeded this warning.
Nom nom.
Watermelon is neither crunchy nor good with ketchup, but we ate lots of it on Sunday afternoon. Miss Faye's annual watermelon-eating party  was thrown in her front yard!
Forty-fifth annual, to be exact! She's been doing this every year since 1970. Julia says the mannequin/scarecrow who proclaims the event is pretty creepy.
Here's Miss Faye, hacking away. She grows these melons on her land. She's so generous with the village and all her neighbors.

Adam opts for the seeded melons, which he says are sweeter, plus for once it's legal to spit (the seeds, of course).
Julia opted for seedless.
Sandy gladly helped Julia with her watermelon.
Bo-Beau got none because he throws up at the drop of a hat.
Clean-up instructions ~
Quite a throng shows up for this event. Miss Faye's family sets up chairs and tables, and provides salt, cutlery, and paper towels. It's a sweet, sticky mess when it's all over.
My friend Dee wore appropriate earrings for the afternoon.
Sunset over the harbor is always a lovely sight.
Good-night from Oriental and all the fun people here!
(P.S. -- It's been a week since those market pics were taken! Sorry to be so behind.)


  1. I'm not a fan of watermelon, but it looks like everyone had a great time.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hi MK! That watermelon looks so good! I like the way they cut it! Aw! Sandy and Beau are sure cutie pies! Julia's hair looks very cute, too!
    I love my salve. Did you get the card and money for it? I hope it arrived safely!
    I would love to come to Oriental and if my mama and I take a trip to North Carolina (we talked about it) I would HAVE to stop in and say hello!
    Love love love

  3. Salt, seedless watermelons, people in shorts this weekend? I really have to get myself to Oriental!

  4. Wow, what a fun community you are blessed to live in! Of course, it's partly because you get out there and take part! Miss Faye is quite a gal! :)

  5. Yum. Watermelon! I planted mine late and am now waiting for the bulging beauties to mature.


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