Friday, August 29, 2014

Ghosts Among the Shrouds

 Walking the docks at the Oriental marina, we saw a panorama in three directions, every way but north.
 The setting sun threw its pink sheen on all clouds in the sky.
 This is a common shot across Smith Creek.

 Imagine how tiny we are, compared to one mammoth cloud on one late afternoon.

 The seagulls did not appreciate being disturbed.

 A few days ago the dinghy dock was under water. The fellow living on the blue sailboat at anchor had the misfortune of coming ashore, tying his dinghy up, and then (I suppose?) swimming to it later?
 I guess he could walk and get wet feet. How'd you like to motor (or row) a dinghy to shore every time you needed something?
 Hodges Street was also sopping. That dark blue van sat there, somewhat immersed, for days.
 This much water cuts down on business at the Bean, but they have stalwart customers not fearful of damp feet.
 All this water was not a result of rain. We simply had strong winds blowing in for days on end, pushing the ocean water into the sound, and the sound water into the river, and the river water into our streets.

 Adam and I took our usual stroll around Whittaker marina while on our bike ride. I hope they don't mind. We claim we are checking out their boats for sale, and thus we are allowed on their docks.  Not sure that argument would fly, but no one's ever told us to leave, and how else are potential buyers supposed to see the boats for sale? They have a dinghy collection.
We like the east dock at Whittaker best. It was very windy that night, and as we turned left to walk along the dock, we heard the strangest noises.
 A ghostly choir rang out from among the boats. A ringing, howling ensemble of voices rose from the shrouds. I apologize for the wind noise, blowing into the camera's microphone. It obscures the sound I want you to hear, on these two videos. Listen carefully, under the wind.
Past the clanging, after the wind, when I turn to the right, you can hear what we heard. Listen to the end.
(shroud: n., a set of ropes forming part of the standing rigging of a sailing vessel and supporting the mast from the sides)


  1. Such a beautiful place! I haven't done any photos ib awhile; it's time to get out there, Computer virus challenge -- having the thibg taken care of this coming week. I love my ipad but still need a fully-functioning laptop.

  2. Isn't sunset magnificent? We have a view west over water, and every so often Mother Nature gives us some spectacular scenery of the sun setting. You have done a great job of photography.
    One of the islands in the mouth of the Hawkesbury is Scotland Island, and it has houses & streets but no cars. Only means of travel to and from are the ferry or some other watercraft. Many houses are occupied full time, and people go to & from the island for school, shopping, work etc. by row boat, or tinny. Our trains stop at the Hawkesbury River station, which is the small village servicing that island. Another of the stations on this rail line is called Wondabyne and it services the smatter of houses on the other side of the river. Most are holiday homes. You row a boat to the station and then wave the train down, literally. If you are on the train and want to get off, you have to tell the guard, otherwise the train does not stop. Another way of life entirely.

  3. Fun! I'm so sorry about the water damage, though.
    You guys have such lovely things to see!

  4. I heard it, I heard it! :) Ghostly! I've been taking cloud pictures this evening, too. Glorious! Beautiful pictures. I don't know why anyone would object to you walking around the marina. I guess these days nobody is sure who they can trust? Thanks for sharing your walks. You live in a wonderful place. :)

  5. Oooh, lovely clouds!!!! I love the tinkling sound of boats in marines, it is one of my favourite sounds!!! X

  6. What a great post, filled with beauty all around. You got all that wind from that latest hurricane off the east coast. How awful about that car and for any flooded homes and businesses.

    You live in such a peaceful little town. Thank you for sharing it here on your blog.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  7. You sure get some awesome sunsets there. What a beautiful area you live in.

  8. Love the pics - at first I thought you were on vacation, but it sounds like this is all practically in your back yard! Appreciate that you took the time to see the beauty. Thanks for sharing! PS The dinghy? In my growing up years we used to charter a sailboat, and there was nothing more exciting than making the ship-to-shore in certain in a dinghy. Even better, Dad used to make the first trip at the crack of dawn, and in one certain port, he'd come back with hot, fresh donuts for us. Sweet memories!

  9. Such lovely sights! I'm so thankful that you guys live in Oriental. I love the way you have jumped in and loved people there. The scenery and the church body have been such a blessing to you (and us!)

  10. Such a beautiful place to live M.K. Love all the water and sky pictures. And yes, I did hear those "ghostly" sounds.


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