Thursday, August 7, 2014


We're spending a little time away at the beach. I'll fill you in on more details later, but suffice it to say, I'm enjoying doing a lot of this:

Some shells are sunsets, some are arid desert-scapes. Some ridge up like mountains, some swirl grey as a night sky. I found another shell with a heart in it, for our anniversary.
A pair of angel wings ~
Gladys Taber is a soothing read, like visiting a good friend in her comfortable house.
This book was prepared by her daughter and published after her death.
Guess who decided he could tolerate the beach after all?
A 30-second blip of the sights and sounds of ocean here.


  1. Oh my God!! imagine that amount of shells, and yesterday I went to the beach at sunset and found only three small! hugs!

  2. I see him getting a little deeper and a little deeper ;) I want to see a picture of you because I suspect (from the shadow) that you have on your cute Nautical Wheelers hat!!

  3. Enjoy your beautiful, relaxing beach! :)

  4. Aw! Thank you for the ocean visit. I love the sea! Pretty beach combing finds, too!

  5. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!! When it gets cooler I think I will venture over to the beach. It's been quite some time since I've been. DH and I always enjoyed collecting shells. :-)

    Love and hugs to the both of you ~ FlowerLady

  6. This looks so relaxing M.K. I love you found a shell with a heart. And Gladys Taber is a comfortable read. I haven't read that particular one. Have a wonderful time!

  7. Oh I'd love to have been there with you. The ocean is such a calming place.


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