Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm a Slacker!

The days are ticking by, and I've failed to do a blog post. How about a few nice boat photos? Will that do? Over at Whittaker Creek Marina, this is Adam's favorite boat. She has such pretty lines, and she has a wooden hull, unusual these days.
 As you see, she's in terrible condition, but her curve and shape are still lovely.
 All old teak decking ~
 A rather Scandinavian name, I think ~
 We walked to the far end of the Whittaker dock and watched this sail boat come in on a gusty, wet day. She came all the way through the channel under sail -- good for her crew!
 Then I saw her name. I've shown her to you before.
 Abruptly, they turned her about and began taking down the mainsail.
 Then they motored her to her slip for the night.
 At the town dock on some days, all the shrimp trawlers are in, and they fill the harbor. I'm amazed the tiny sailboats aren't scared of them. They're huge.
 Often they tie them up three abreast, waiting for the hour when it's legal for shrimp boats to head to Pamlico Sound and drop their nets.
 More fun boat names from Whittaker ~ As I've said before, many men we meet here have a boat and an ex-wife.
 I like the sound of this one!
 Adam says this boat belongs to a marine.
 Across the channel at Sailcraft Marina, we found some fun names too. Tell me -- if they can spell 'pocket,' why can't they spell 'rocket'?
 Most sailors need plenty of this:
 See her name?
 She's a beauty.
 Sailcraft keeps a little (and I do mean little!) tugboat to help grounded boats. It's barely bigger than a jet ski or a dinghy! Big motors, though.
 Here's a lovely hull. The "Tern Again" -- a play on words, I think, referring to Turnagain Arm, a waterway in Alaska. She has a piratical aspect.
 She's on the hard, and we stood way up under her.
 Saving best for last, here's a pretty lady lashed to Oriental's town dock last week.
 All the way from New Zealand! I don't know that she actually sailed from New Zealand, of course. A boat owner may paint whatever name and town he likes on the hull. But it's fun to think of the world coming to us, here in little Oriental
I hope there's no mutiny aboard :)


  1. Maybe they meant Rock it!
    Do you think?
    Pretty boats! How fun to live near the water!

  2. Love that last boat! Another nice tour of your lovely town! (Is it okay if I disagree with your using the word "slacker" to describe yourself? You are an active, perceptive woman who is thankfully too busy to spend all of her time online! Consider yourself hugged!)

  3. That boat looks like it has a face!
    In answer to your question, School finished on July 23rd this year and we are back on September 1st. I'd hate to teach all summer! X

    we get around 6 weeks holiday in the summer. x

  4. I really enjoy seeing all the fun names on these boats. I love the "piratical aspect" of the Tern Again! I just read the chapter of The Big House called "Sailing" and I found all the terminology intriguing. I know nothing about sailing, but it was fun to hear a little about it from the author. Does Adam have a hankering to refurbish a certain boat? ;)

  5. I like your boat posts. It's hard for me to think of seeing boats coming in to harbor on a day to day basis. I'm just a prairie savage, landlocked. It's like a fantasy world to me. Fun!

  6. This was a nice and peaceful post about the boating way of life.

    Have a good week and thank you for your encouraging comments.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. I also think they meant Rock It.
    The world of boats is very foreign to me, too. So it's nice to have you talk about them.


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