Tuesday, November 11, 2014


A few shots that I haven't put into posts lately ~
Prayer Shawl ministry -- last Thursday I sat next to Diane, who has a gift for combing lots of colors and textures, using little bits of leftover yarn from other shawls. This photo doesn't do it justice!
Isn't this warm and beautiful? She calls it "honey."
And speaking of color ... we still have tea roses blooming in Oriental, in November.

A friend who's a contractor is nearly finished with the lovely old home in Oriental. The owner didn't want photos of the inside taken, but it was okay to give you a few of the outside.
Elegant door ~
Another door ~
Did I tell you that I sang in a concert last Sunday? I'm part of the Harris Trio -- Shane plays guitar and his wife Jill and I sing together in some fun, tight harmony.
Shane has a bluegrass band too, the Moores Creek Boys.
The band played on Halloween night at a big church event in New Bern, a fall festival.
We went to this last year too. They serve dinner to everyone who comes. Amazing!
I recorded the ghostly voices again at Whittaker Creek on a blustery, overcast afternoon, for those who would like to hear them again:

I mentioned that we're picking up pecans. Well, the pecans have kept coming! I pick up about 100 or so each day, until recently. LOTS of pecans.
I forgot to say that our church had some exciting work done last month. We had our two steeples removed, cleaned, and the roofing repaired around them to alleviate leaks in the church ceiling.
Looking so pretty and white!
I made some holiday soaps last month too -- here are two large bars of Balsam (Christmas Tree) scent. They're now cured well and ready for the market!
I hope you're having a happy November -- I know I am! Each day I sniff the cool air and see the fall trees and am thankful to be alive and healthy on God's earth right now.


  1. Lots of interesting things going on where you live. Does the wind blow a lot where you live? (I don't know about wind/coastal towns/America and how all that works.) I love the doors and esp like that your church has steeples. :)

  2. I agree about the color combinations in those shawls. Really beautiful! Your church is so pretty. Your trio brings back good memories. I sang in a trio many years ago. LOVE the ghostly voices! More, please! :) Do you have an online place where you sell your soaps, or just locally? Fun post!

  3. I can hear the ghosts clanking their chains!! =0)

  4. That soap looks like chocolate!x

  5. If you were a soap, this post would be it- an intense aroma of deeply blended talents and balm itself xx

  6. That barn-Bern event looks like so much fun. What do you do with all the pecans? Do the thin people in your family eat them? Your soap looks deceptively like delicious fudge....I must be hungry, eh?


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