Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Sky

On my bike ride Tuesday, the sky was surprising.
 I've heard that nature doesn't have straight lines, that straight lines are made by man. Well ... here's a straight line for you!
 A dock into eternity ~

 The other end of that line of clouds, heading to the Pamlico Sound  ~
At last, I decided I needed a video to show you the full expanse of the sky today, and even the video isn't equal to capture the sky overhead, but it's a start.

And from further down the river ~


  1. That is really unusual. I've never seen anything like this. I sometimes enjoy taking photos of sunsets and the sky at dusk just before daylight vanishes.

  2. Like tyre tracks through the sky!! Beautiful!

  3. I call that a "turtle shell sky." Magnificent! Loved the photos and hearing your voice on that little video! I heard the awe in your voice.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Especially with the ocean. Glad you got to enjoy that.


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