Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Pecan Year

We have two pecan trees in our yard. Here's one ~
She's a very good tree. And here's the other ~
Both these trees are so generous this year! I'm amazed at the pecan harvest. Tree #1 yields smaller, plumper nuts. Tree #2 has longer nuts. Tree #1 (thus far) has given the bigger yield. I've gathered hundreds and hundreds of pecans, enough to fill 3 or 4 gallon jugs. We haven't cracked them yet.
The trees drop their curly leaves on the ground; the nuts hide and nestle in among their leaves, snug in their brown hunks, a covering or case outside the shell.
Some drop too early, when the husks are still green and soft. They're not ready, and the husks are difficult to remove.
Now here's a pretty pecan! It sits in its dry, brown husk like a child in a fair ride, winging down from the high branch. What a ride!
Treasures in the grass ~
As the days go by, more empty husks lie in the grass where I've removed their nuts.
And my sweater pockets fill as I meander around the yard, gaze fixed downward, enjoying my easy harvest.
Next to Tree #2 is a magnolia tree, and this time of year it drops its seed pods. All the trees seem intent on one thing: REPRODUCTION! They're sending their little children to the soil where they'll find the perfect place to grow into little trees. One tree, in one year, yields hundreds of other trees.
That's exponential reproduction. God is a God of life, isn't He? "Be fruitful and multiply," He gold his creatures. The trees are still obeying!
A magnolia seed pod, with its vibrant red seeds. I always feel they are so Christmasy.
Sandy loves magnolia pods because they are slightly less prickly than pine cones, and are good for chasing ... if only some human would throw one! Please!!! she says.
Pecans are my favorite nut -- perfect flavor. Pretty to look at.
I'm taking some to my mother when we visit there next week. We'll crack her some pecans for baking, and then she'll give her nut cracker to me, since the pecans live down here :)


  1. I love pecans! There were pecan trees in my grandmother's house in Louisiana; in fact, those trees are one of my strongest memories of her house. I enjoyed your pictures, especially the one of the magnolia pod.

  2. My favorite? Pecan pie!! :) Hey, those magnolia seeds are a pretty shade of red! It looks so warm where you are! :)

  3. How wonderful to have not one but two pecan trees, and different too. Enjoy your harvest.


  4. Aw, Sandy! My favorite shelty! So, you don't have to roast the nuts?

  5. I enjoyed this lesson in pecans - I've never even seen a pecan tree before. Thank you!

  6. A wonderfully lovely harvest! This is indeed a season of bounty! (Pecan cookies to go with tea, perhaps?)

  7. You are so lucky to have a Pecan tree in your yard. I love Pecans but I don't think the trees would survive here up north where it does get pretty cold in the winter.

  8. I love magnolia pods and those flaming red seeds. I have one on my coffee table from a year or two ago. Sadly the red fades. Happy fall, MK!


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