Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Texas-Burnt-Orange Shawl

Remember this knitting project? Well, I finished at last the shawl for my friend in Texas.
Julia demonstrates that it's over 5 and a half feet long, and plenty wide.
It's a simple pattern (thankfully) because the yarn itself was anything but easy to work with, but the end result is really lovely. It is light as a feather, and has an elegant drape. I fit the whole thing into a gallon ziploc bag, with plenty of room to spare. What else do you know that is 5' by 3', and fits in a ziploc bag? :)
The pattern gives it a light, airy look.
It safely arrived in Texas! My friend says she plans to wear it soon :)


  1. Ooh, might Julia want one too- it goes with her top beautifully! Well done to you- beautiful craftsmanship!x

  2. A lovely warm colour and the stitch is very effective. I like knitting that looks like crochet!

  3. beautiful M.K.! Such a lovely job. It looks very nice on your daughter.


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