Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From Ethiopia, Into Your Cuppa

Adam decided to buy green coffee beans online and roast them himself. They are so much cheaper when you buy them green. The bag came in the mail from Amazon, with free shipping.
The first time he roasted the beans, he did it on the kitchen stove. Roasted coffee beans smell fabulous after they've been sitting around a day or so. But when they're being roasted? Umm ... let's just say the aroma is less-than-desirable. So this time, he roasted the beans outside on our little boat stove. (Remember? The one we got for free?)
This is what green coffee beans look like. That's a small cast iron pan.
They roast about 45 minutes, until the beans have cracked a second time.
That was yesterday; Adam's making some coffee right now, and it smell delish! So for any of you coffee purists out there who long to do your own beans, it's not hard at all!


  1. How clever. I never knew it was possible. My husband is the coffee fan in my house. I'll have to tell him about this.

  2. You are quite brave with those coffee beans! My son and his friends started a little coffee roasting business in college using a I heard about all kinds of successes,failures, issues, tricks...

    Let us know how your batch turned out!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. =)


  3. You guys are having such fun with your tea and coffee adventures. And so smart to roast them outside! I would love to try a cup.


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