Saturday, May 23, 2015

Blest Be the Tie That Binds

This weekend my oldest child is marrying.
This is the logo Philip and Kara designed for their wedding, a symbol of their union and love and commitment.
It's also the hymn we will all sing together today when they marry.
The sanctuary at Kara's church is very large and beautiful. I love the cross in the center of it all. We went yesterday morning to help set up and decorate.
Maid of honor Anna, and mother of the bride Julie, tying bows ~
One cluster went at the end of each row.

We also set up the fellowship hall for the reception.
I managed to snatch one photo of these two, they were so busy. I can't believe my baby boy is going to be a married man by the end of this day! His whole world is changing, and life it moving on. Generations are shifting and taking new places, and I'm right in the middle of that shift. It feels odd, but right, but strange and a bit wonderful.
I love her color choices for the wedding and the bright happiness of these tables.

Groom's sister and bride's brother, straightening lace ~
Each guest gets a bottle of bubbles to send off the departing couple!
Groomsmen, chilling out:
Jac and Peter
Bridesmaids and bride, all smiles:
Kim, Sarah, Kara, Anna
I'm glad there's a rehearsal so we don't mess anything up!
Kara processing with her daddy:
Girl cousins. There are lots and lots of girl cousins!
Julia, Patience, Anna
Adam with his mama. We are so happy she was able to come! She drove herself all the way from Nebraska in one day to be here.
The ring pillow:
Kara's daddy Stephen chats with Peter:

Practicing the walking-in:
After the rehearsal and the dinner at Avanti's Restaurant, some of us Robinson relations crashed at the hotel, especially these girls -- all cousins, all friends, all so precious. We spent many years raising them, training them, loving them. Now they're (mostly) grown, and we are so proud of them!
Anna, Kesse, Julia, Lorien, Kayren
Patience, Aleya, Hannah
Today is the big day! I may or may not get lots of photos today. I plan to get at least ONE photo of my four children together, if it kills me :) When will we all be together in one place again? I don't know. This family trip seems to be a series of unexpected reunions and brief moments of "we're all together!" and I want to hold it in my heart and not forget.


  1. Oh, it is a wonderful weekend for y'all!!! Brings back memories to me. Our son and daughter-in-law's wedding was on the beach at Oak Island. The reception was at an Italian restaurant. How blessed we are to have sons and joyful occasions like this!

  2. You're making me cry! So many thoughts and feeling tumble together at such an occasion, and I hope the sum = love.

  3. Aw! I'm tearing up. God be with them and you!❤️

  4. Well I guess by now the wedding is over. I'm sure all went well and the bride was beautiful. : )

  5. Oh how lovely to see your prep mk! God bless you all this happy time. X z

  6. God bless the happy couple! So glad you're getting to see everyone. May God keep your whole wonderful family in the palm of His hand. :)


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