Tuesday, May 5, 2015

When Summer Starts in Spring

Don't we love spring's perfect weather? When the cold shifts away, the sun shines warm on our winter faces? When the temperature is absolute perfection? (My perfect temp is 76º.)
on a bike ride to Whittaker marina
But there's a catch -- school's still in. Argh! Or, of course, work. Or, those commitments and responsibilities that we "do" during the non-summer months. They eat up our time! Just when the weather's perfect, we're too busy to enjoy it! And by the time we're actually "free," it's 95º outside.
flowers given by my friends in the Pamlico Chorale
This year is different. Today is different. I'm done with homeschooling, done with many of my usual commitments, and the grand weather outside is a balm to the soul.
Early strawberries made seven pints of jam yesterday.
I long to turn my heart to summer things. Beach. Strawberries. Sailing. Kids home. Leisurely mornings.
After our bike ride last evening, Adam and I sat at the harbor for a bit. Quite a few boats are bobbing at anchor now, a welcome sight for the town.
 We have a favorite bench from which to view the activity on the boats. Dinghies are always zipping back and forth from the dinghy dock, boaters visiting each other, hollering across the water.
A cat boat tacked back and forth in the river. Why? We don't know. Another boat left the town docks, and the cat boat edged in. Is she looking for a free slip for the night? She was disappointed.
While I'm sliding into summer, Adam is busier than ever -- church work, studying, visiting, counseling. He's almost finished the boat. It's launch delayed by last week's bad weather, now Adam has a few days to finish painting and attaching the wood.
 He painted over the sand on the anti-skid sections of the deck.
 Beau keeps guard for the family plot. He barks at absolutely everything.
 In case you were wondering, this is the work area where my handyman-husband has done all that boat work. Two saw horses, a yard table for his saw, a trash-can-come-table. Nothing fancy.
 The garage bay close to the boat stays open when he works, and the Jaguar serves as a temporary table for bits and pieces. After the boat launches, all this will be swept away and he'll begin work on the car!
 The owners of our rental house are serious boat people. They cruise the East Coast. He has a rather specialized skill in doing steel work for boats. The front of the garage has a lovely example of his skill.

 Soon our little Nocturne will join the dozens of boats on the river during these fine late-spring days. I can't wait!
80º today, and clear as a bell! What are you doing today?


  1. I love that evening view of the harbor! Glad you're having a splendid spring! :)

  2. Wishing I was in Oriental with you enjoying your sunshine and fun!! ~~Trudi

  3. Oh I love these photos and yes, I know what you mean about the Spring and summer x

  4. Oh the colors of the flowers are beautiful!!
    Love those strawberries.
    These spring days are just gorgeous. We had temperatures in the 70's today and it was just perfect.

  5. Oh, a lovely day! Enjoyed the photos!


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