Friday, July 3, 2015

Croakerfest Begins!

It's that time again -- Croakerfest in Oriental!
This is Oriental's annual July 4th celebration.
For a few days this little village wakes from its usual quiet slumber and is awash in visitors and tourists.
This morning at 9:00 tent vendors were already setting up in Lou Mac Park on the green grass that's usually free for napping and puppy play.
They've set up the stage for musicians all weekend. The chorale will be leading the way this afternoon with various patriotic tunes, complete with the county band.
Bojangles and a taco truck were already claiming spots this morning too.
Bicyclists are fast and thick through town, along with golf cartists. I'll use my bike the next two days. A bike can take you anywhere in Oriental!
The  boy scout troop is here too ~ Note the low-slung live oak trees and the strings of lights. This is our rural version of "swag"!
It's the 35th Croaker Festival. Each year they have a contest to see who can design the winning logo. Here's this year's winner:
Very nice!
Colorful wares are sold all weekend. These are versatile wrap dresses.
Vendors set up right on the riverfront -- what a view! It's a good time to sit and visit with a friend.
Lots of bunting is being sported around town.
Happy Independence Day, everyone! I'll have more later. Adam and I plan to watch the fireworks display Saturday night from the comfort of our boat, out on Smith Creek with the other boaters.


  1. Have fun! I love the colors of those wrap around dresses! I know I'd be tempted with them. :-)


  2. Have fun on your little boat! Looks like a real down-home celebration. I'll take a taco, please! :)


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