Friday, July 17, 2015

Purse-Babies, #1-5

This is a post to help me keep track of the various purse-babies I've made. Move right along if you've already seen them all :)
Note: Here's a link to a page from Little Cotton Rabbits, where I found the little bear that was the inspiration for these dolls. I didn't really follow directions, but the photos helped me decide how to proceed. The Christmas stockings on this page look very tempting too!
#1, Sally
#2, Becky
#3, Lucy
first three purses
first three babies, all so different!
close-up of Becky's hair in the making
purse #4
dolly #4, who went off to her new home in Mississippi :)
I've already started on the next purse, made with a soft lavender yarn in Simply Soft.
Finished #5 dolly and bed. Here they are:
#5 -- her name is Helen
Curly red hair, a multi-colored dress, blue eyes, soft periwinkle yarn for the bedding.


  1. Oh, these are absolutely adorable!!! This grown-up girl still has enough little girl inside her to fully appreciate and love these.

  2. Or as my man, Faulkner, would say, Missippi. :) Darling babies.

  3. I love your little purse babies. : )


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