Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dollies for the Purse-Babies

Last night I couldn't resist, so I knuckled down and figured out how to knit a tiny doll baby for that purse-baby I made. Here she is. I think I'll call her Sally.
I think she turned out alright, all things considered. I looked at a description online, but to be honest I do not enjoy slavishly following a pattern when making something for which I think my creativity is adequate. Knitting a sweater to fit someone? Yes, give me a pattern. But with a few photos and some instructions, I can make a doll baby without counting stitches!
Now she is all snug in her little bed, and I took her to the farmers' market this morning and showed her off to friends. For a brand new baby, she did very well in 100 degree heat.
I enjoyed making that purse-baby so much that tonight I made another one. This yarn looks similar, but is quite different. It's a Red Heart Soft, so it is a smoother, silkier yarn, and a bit thinner, plus I used a smaller hook and started with fewer stitches, so it's a smaller purse, which I wanted.
My couch is a big mess when I'm doing this, littered with yarn, hooks, scissors, needles, and other paraphernalia. I'm almost done with the second dolly. Right now she's bald. Maybe she should have different colored hair? We'll see.


  1. Oh my gosh, she's adorable! I think you need to get 'cracking' on making a lot of these babies in purses to sell in your booth especially for Christmas. Sweet, sweet, sweet!


  2. Purse babies! What a great endeavor! Little ones will LOVE them!

  3. Great Job!! : ) Just perfect for a little girl.

  4. Wow, I'm so impressed. Very adorable.

  5. Cute! I like the simplicity of the dolls.


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