Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Few Days' Hodge-Podge

I mentioned to Lisa at Pen and Ink (who ordered her own copy of White Road) that I'd dog-eared the page where I found the most lovely sentence in the whole book, in my opinion. I meant to share it sometime. Here it is:

"The profile of the moon, still a narrow but brilliant bracket, was climbing over the roofs against a blue-black sky." (p. 138)

Simple, elegant, unique. Penned by a woman not writing in her native language. This sentence describes the evening when she and a group of women and children (families of the regiment) had to flee a town in Siberia at night, barely ahead of the pursuing Bolsheviks. Their officer husbands had left separately. They didn't know when they'd see them again. Chaos reigned among their sleighs, yet overhead the moon ascended and slid through its usual course, untroubled by the violence below.

Remember the abundant pecan harvest we had last fall? Already the trees in town are making the next crop. Here's a cluster of itty-bitty pecans:
I took that photo while walking the dogs on Saturday. Julia had flown away to Washington state. Adam was gone to presbytery meeting. I asked the doggies to pose calmly for some photos.
 I never did get them both looking at the camera simultaneously.
I said, "Where's Daddy?!"
Also, in family news, Anna has successfully bought a car.
She'd been saving up ever since her last little red car was totaled by a policeman who rear-ended her. Finally, her daddy took her to a bunch of used car lots, and she picked one. In the end, that's what you have to do. The girls has wheels, and we are so glad! She made it look so easy, I may have to do the same thing one of these days, if we can't get the Jaguar running.
I mentioned that Julia's gone. She went on a mission trip with some other church kids. They are working on an Indian reservation. I snapped a photo of them when we dropped them off.

Julia on the left, one of her best friends in the middle, her cousin (my niece) on the right. The report thus far is that they are having a great time and getting along well. Evidently these three are hanging together and getting to know some Korean kids from Canada who are also there to work. I'm so happy she could go. Mission trips were a huge part of my life from the time I was 15 to 25. I went on at least five trips to Mexico (the Yucatan), and two trips to Poland. Those trips are a huge part of who I am.
Lastly, while melting in the heat at the farmers' market Saturday morning, I made yet another purse-baby. I promise I won't post pics of each-and-every one of these. Maybe.
I love the curly red hair with the periwinkle purple bed. Her name is Helen.
Blessings and peace to you all on this Lord's day! Wherever you are, don't forget to worship and give thanks.


  1. I am glad Julia is having a great time and thank you for that reminder. I was away for church today so I haven't done that, but I will! xx

  2. So glad Julia is experiencing a missions trip. I never had that opportunity (or didn't know such a thing existed when I was young)! My son Jordan has been on a couple and they do seem to be life changing. Man, you whip out those baby dolls like there's nothing to it! :) I just started White Road this morning and I'm taking the forward slowly. I'm not up on my Russian history so I'm trying to piece together what she's saying as she gives a summary of some info from her last book (which you can't seem to buy anymore). I'm sure I'll learn as I go! ;) God bless y'all!

  3. A hodge-podge of delight!!! That sentence your chose is beautiful indeed! And that little purse baby Helen ---well, my goodness. Precious.

  4. You posted a wedding photo the other day of your kids and I wanted to say, Julia looked so grown up and the way she stood was beautiful. I know she's probably happier in jeans and t-shirts/shorts, but she really is lovely. Both of your girls are beauties. Just mentioning Julia since I've watched her grow up here.

  5. The little purse babies you've made are really precious. At least they won't need nappy pins. LOL

  6. Great post reading about your family and what's going on.

    I won't care if you show every little purse baby. They are all adorable.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  7. Good to catch up with you. Now if you have an abundance of those Pecans you can always send some my way. Love your sweet little dogs, they are so cute.
    Wow Julia is on a Mission Trip, that must be exciting. Congrats to Anna on the new car. You do seem to be having fun with those little purse babies.

  8. I love sentences about the moon. I like how you mentioned that it goes through its courses despite what's happening here on earth.....good or bad. It gives a person a sense of knowing that God is in control.

    I like your purse babies. All unique!


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