Wednesday, September 13, 2017


About nine years ago, I suppose, my oldest child left home for college. It was rather a wrenching experience for me. Around the time of his high school graduation he made me a little CD of "Essential Classical" music to play in the car. We both love classical music, and I listened to that CD until every single track was jumping, and I couldn't listen to it anymore.
Track #4 was a sweet, simple song played on guitar. Since Philip didn't give me a play list for the CD, I had no clue what that song was called. I only knew that it broke my heart every time I heard it, and because it reminded me of his departure from home, it always made me cry.
For nine years I've wondered what that song was called. Because the CD is too old to play, I stopped listening to it, but sometimes I still think of it.
And just now, I was listening to my new Pandora station. (Don't you love Pandora?) I have a station with only classical guitar. And that song came on! I found it!! It's written by Stanley Myers, and called "Cavatina." John Williams plays it exquisitely.

Today I feel as if I've brought a little piece of my heart back home. I'm not the only person, apparently, who's brought to tears by this small song. Each time I hear it, all of me is reminded instantly of how overwhelmingly I love my son. Isn't music powerful?


  1. Lovely. I listen to a Will Ackerman station for my guitar fix.

  2. Very beautiful and wonderful memories for you. Enjoy your day.


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