Friday, April 13, 2018

I Feel Warm Breezes ~~

Perhaps I shouldn't say it, when some of you dear readers are still facing blizzards, but today is warm. The dogs are lying in the sun. The chickens are dust bathing. I'm hanging laundry out. I think ... dare I say it? ... it's spring?
Does anyone know what this is?
I have lots of them.
Candytuft, perhaps for wedding

Herb Bed #2 is coming along.

 Chickens free-range all day, every day now.
It's so pretty outside.
Here's Sylvie, the broody hen. She has 7 eggs now. I've marked them with blue pen (a color chickens don't see well, so she won't reject them) so I know to leave those 7 and remove any more than the hens lay for her, and bring the newer ones inside.
 Adam went to a Red Cross blood drive today. He is very involved with the Red Cross and is a local ambassador. He's been donating blood since he was a teenager.
 He made meringues last night, a trial run for part of Anna's wedding cake. These will go between the cake layers. We'll take this cake to church tomorrow night.
 I'm still knitting. I love this blue.
 I plied the handspun alpaca yarn. That's an avocado pit - it turns the yarn purple. 
 I'm trying to paint a little every day. Here are Mr. and Mrs. Mouse.
 And another shout-out for homemade salves. Below is a little tub of lip balm that's been in my car for about 2 years. It's made of only coconut oil, beeswax, and peppermint ess. oil. And it's as pure and wonderful as I day I made it. Preservatives are not needed in products like this.
 Buttercups are blooming now in the pasture.
 We planted strawberries in a small raised bed.


When Adam left for the blood drive, the puppies sat on the couch looking like this:
And how about some videos to watch? Would you like to hear "Punkin and the Littlest Mouse"? Read aloud? I made a youtube, complete with illustrations and a song at the end. Sit and share it with a child you know :)
If you'd prefer a yarny video, here's a short one of me plying the purple yarn today:
Stay warm and dry wherever you are. Thanks so much for dropping by! Blessings to all of you ~~


  1. Happy to report NO snow here, a warm sunny day in the 70's. : )
    I am not a good candidate for giving blood. I've been told I don't weigh enough.

  2. I have some flowers that look like what you have in the first picture. I believe they are Hyacinthoides hispanica commonly called Spanish Bluebells. Mine grow from a round white bulb and spread a lot.
    How interesting that an Avocado pit will turn yarn purple!

    I bought Lemon grass today. It looks quite dried up but what I did was peel off the driest layers and chopped the rest of the stalks in 1 inch pieces. I used some for our tea but it wasn't strong enough so I used a lemon/ginger tea bag as well. Once I dry some mint and Lemon Balm and Thyme maybe I'll find it tastier. Also I remember you used some black tea as well. Anyway, if I add enough honey it all tastes good.

  3. We had a beautiful day today in the 70's. Tonight it is storming and tomorrow will be in the 40's again. I'm ready to stick with the 70's.

  4. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz respond as I'm looking to construct my own blog and
    would like to find out where u got this from.


  5. Ah, sweet inspiration! You guys must get buttercups like we get dandelions! Maybe I'll have to get off the computer and spend some time DOING something. But then, I'm right in the middle of a good book... ;) Your front lawn looks so neat and trim. I should give blood. Keep up the fun and productivity!

  6. That's cool that Adam is a good Red Cross volunteer. My mother-in-law always volunteered with the RC.
    You're having happy times of creating. Thank you, God.

  7. I agree with Granny Marigold. The blue plants are bluebells. They are very pretty but can spread a lot, which is ok if you like them. I love mine. They spread in from my neighbour's garden. I try not to let them take over though, as my garden is quite small.

  8. Oh, I enjoyed all of this post, and love your reading of the little book. I listened to part and will come back and finish tonight. Got to pick up Bickett at the vet's. Glad I didn't miss this post.


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