Saturday, November 8, 2008

Attacking Julia's room

I've done about 6 loads of laundry (I've lost count) and I have 2 to go.

I've sorted, washed, and resorted so many clothes, and given about 4 trash bags full to Salvation Army.

So Many Clothes.

Poor little girl, no wonder she couldn't manage her room. The clothes had taken over, and she was only sleeping there.

We are hoping she will now be able to manage. I've removed all out-of-season clothing, and she's left with a few manageable items in each drawer.

Of course, we weren't done until we'd looked through all Anna's old clothes that Julia has grown into (and a few, of course, that she missed altogether, because who liked to dig into the old-clothes-bag? I mean, really?)

On top of that, Adam spent several hours today doing plumbing which is the thing he detests the most. I'm sure he'd rather be ill than do plumbing.

But we will still have pizza (YAY!!!!) Consolation.


  1. pictures pictures.... I've got to do this to Rachel's room too - it's being taken over by stuffed animals!

  2. Tell Adam I hate plumbing too. And once a year I have to unclog the bathroom sink drain

  3. Seems like I am always going through my son's room to give stuff away. If I don't his room gets smaller and smaller.


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