Monday, November 3, 2008


Finishing Chaucer's Canterbury Prologue with my seniors. Examining Chaucer's attitude toward the church.
Doing more vocabulary and reading comp work with my juniors. This is a weakness for students today. And they think the reason they need to improve is so that they will test better on SATs, etc. Oh dear! What is the world coming to? I reminded them that tests are merely assessment tools for their superiors to use. The reason they should improve in these areas is so that they will be better readers and writers.
Met with colleagues and a struggling student to reassure him that we are working with him.
Stopped by Salvation Army on the way home. A thin, old wool blanket I bought on Saturday had a matching one that I did not buy. I liked the first blanket so much over the weekend that I returned to buy its mate. The old wool blankets are so superior to modern synthetics.
Now we sit in the living room, a chill in the air, a fire in the fireplace. I need to grade essays. I need to read a unit introduction about Realism and Naturalism. I need to revise a test for this week.
I need to watch the fire.


  1. I wish we had a chill in the air - it was 83 degrees here yesterday!

  2. Ah, an English teacher! My degree is in English with a minor in secondary education. I thought I was going to be an English teacher, but I ended up being a SAHM for many years. For the last five, however, I've worked in the office of a large youth ministry.


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