Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guess Whata!!??

I JUST found out (and I want all of you to be the first to know...) that my son, Philip, has been accepted to Covenant College!

My alma mater!

And the only college he really wants to go to!


NOT that we ever doubted that he would be accepted there.

Oh no...

We just wondered if the boy would ever get AROUND to completing all the multitudinous steps necessary to completing the application process.

Finally, the MAMA had to step in, take the bull by the horns, and do the thing that all men hate to do: namely, finish something.

(Alright, so I admit that was an uncalled-for, blind-side attack on half the human race. Still, we women know that there is a modicum of truth in it.)

Forgive me. I'm just so excited.

Now comes the hard part: paying for it. That's what we're up against next. He's applying for two hefty scholarships. The good news is, that any child of an alumnus automatically gets 40% knocked off tuition. Very Good News.

So, we're going out to eat Mexican tonight to celebrate.


  1. congrats, that's wonderful!!!

  2. Yay! I'll never forget, with great relief, the day my acceptance came! Here's to another generation of Scots! :D

  3. So exciting! I just saw Sara Drexler's picture of the Belz cousins at Covenant. What a great place to be and great people to join. Way to go, Philip. (And MK and Adam!)

  4. Congrats! WOW! Your first born going to college... my first born is in 3rd grade and we are the same age! I'm so proud and impressed with Philip and happy for ya'll! (Of course the moma has to push every now and then - that's a given right? ) :)

  5. Oh, congratulations!!! Somehow, I am not surprised in the least that you are a Covenant College grad.;) Look out, Lookout Mountain!



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