Saturday, November 15, 2008

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

I did take my camera. And, as usual, I took about 7 very bad pictures (this is the best one) before it ceased functioning. Ah well.

After helping serve supper to 200 people and doing many dishes, I sat limply in the back of the large hall nibbling on a piece of cake, minding my own business. This was a fund-raising event for the senior class, complete with a short & silly drama, a magic show, and a ridiculous vote by the audience. They chose one person that they wanted to see made up in a chicken beak/hat/glasses, and dancing the chicken dance with the seniors up on the stage. Whom did they choose? Innocent little me! I should have slipped out the back door. But I did it, and I made Philip dance with me too. Then another student sprayed me with that sticky, silly spray, but I got him back later.

All in all, it was a fun evening, and much lasagna was eaten. I hope they raised lots of money for their project.

Now I'm resting my feet. Philip is out with all his friends, watching the new Bond movie.

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