Thursday, November 13, 2008

More good news!

I bought gas for $1.99/gallon today! Yippee! I'm trying to remember when we bought gas for under $2 a gallon - who remembers?

I filled up our van's tank for less than $30. Wow.

I'd be fascinated to find out exactly how much the cheapest gas is, where you live. So, if you read this blog, if I know you or if I DON'T know you - leave a reply comment, and just tell me how much your gas is now - thanks!


  1. will give you gas prices everywhere.

    In Schertz, TX, it's 1.89-WOW!!!

  2. 1.86... Frisco,Tx today
    When my 8 year old was 6 weeks old we purchased our van and when we filled up the van -it cost $22.
    That was Aug 01.

  3. In Tuscaloosa it's $1.97.

  4. 1.99! that is pretty darn amazing! I have no idea how much gas is:) I just take the train or the bus:)

  5. Deatsville, AL $1.93last night!

  6. Tucson, AZ - $2.19


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