Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today, I:

*enjoyed the cool weather and the definite feel of a holiday season (i.e. VACATION) in the air.

*did a little Christmas shopping. It's amazing what you can find at Bath and Body Works.

*watched my hubby and the kids put lots of Christmas lights up on the eaves of the house. Adam's been wanting to do this for years.

*fought with our son about improving his essays for his college scholarships.

Yes, fought. I had to shoo one of his friends out of the driveway, to keep him from going to a party. His two, lame essays would not get a bat of an eyelash from anybody reviewing them for scholarship quality.

Somebody...please tell me this is normal. The boy is gloomy and grumpy. His dad is VERY grumpy and wondering if he even has the maturity to go off to college at all!

I'm trying not to over-react: get the essays done, in some semblance of order, and send them in. Then see what happens. But I tell you, this process should not be like pulling teeth. I'm thoroughly tired of it.

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