Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dumping those kids --

I took Peter and Julia to Ridgehaven for camp on Monday. Anna was already there. The various cousins converged on my parents' home, and I got a quick shot of them as they took a break from soccer:
They're all so much bigger than they used to be!
Mother made burgers and dogs for lunch. The kids usually end up on the porch to eat.
Then we went to register for camp. After all these years, we feel like old hands, and spend lots of time swapping hugs with dear friends. Anna is working as an intern this summer. Here she is!! She's taking her cousin Hannah's temperature:
Ah -- the proverbial head-chopping picture. I'm really sad that I messed this one up! Four girl cousins, and Anna clearly had her sassiest grin on!
Here are the GAWers -- "Great Adventure Week." Peter, Katie & Hannah stand with one of their counselors.
I hope they're having a great time! I'm enjoying the extreme quietude of the house while they're gone :)

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