Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mommy Spoilage Day

Adam and the children declared today to be "MOMMY SPOILAGE DAY"!! Don't you love it! My sister-in-law Faith and her six children are here for a visit, so ALL the kids got involved in ALL the fun for the mommas :) Adam started last night on the way back from church. He stopped and had the kids pick out cards for us.

This morning they cut some flowers. Here's Honor with Faith's bouquet:
While Faith and I lounged in our respective rooms, Adam was up and making the BEST BATCH of scones he's ever made. Faith declared it the best breakfast ever :)
Faith's tray, complete with card, (AND cloth napkin!) :
Honor, Justice and Mercy show their mommy they love her.
Baby Grace brought her the card.
Patience, Mercy and Grace watch their mommy smile.
Then the kids all went and jumped in the pool (well, except Grace, of course).
And the mommies got dressed and went out for some girl time in town while the menfolk held down the fort. It was a great day. Faith took nap #2. Tonight we'll have homemade bread and spaghetti.

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  1. Wait a minute- I am heading your way. I was cleaning out the chicken house yesterday!

    I am so glad you all are having fun. That is such a great thing to do.


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