Friday, June 25, 2010

Lake Morse

For a number of years, my only criticism of Ridgehaven Camp was that they didn't have a decent lake around which the rest of the camp was designed. Well, now they do!!
This used to be a muddy little pond that no one stuck a toe in. But Ridgehaven did LOTS of work, and now it's the central attraction -- yippee!
The most recent addition is this gorgeous pavilion:
And the Wet Willie waterslide, added last summer, is everyone's favorite stomach-lurcher. Those kids come catapulting down and flip into the lake.
They also have this great swing -- the rope at the end of the long boom. Kids stand at the end of the platform and fly out above the water. There are also tubes and boats of various types, and a bevy of life jackets.
I know my kids are enjoying the water this week!

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