Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My husband brought me these flowers for my birthday. I love the yellow-green daisies and the single rose. It was a simple birthday this year; we're living more simply. And last year on my birthday, he found 2 cards he really liked and couldn't decide between. So this year he pulled out the second one, which he'd kept all this time. It was very sweet and lovey-dovey, as Julia would say.

And can you believe it? 95 friends on Facebook wished me a happy birthday! Isn't that wonderful -- I felt as if all the world were celebrating. Better yet, my brother Marshall , my friend Alynn, and my mom all called to talk with me. And I received a card from Carolyn too. It was a great day!

And speaking of Carolyn -- I think you're right, dear -- I've "dried" hydrangeas before, but I think they'd actually dried on the bush, and I cut them then. The ones I showed the other day did NOT work out! I'm glad there are still plenty on the bushes.

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  1. We have blue hydrangeas this year -- the first time they've bloomed since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago. I'm looking for tips on how to dry them. I distinctly remember a miserable wilty failure last time I tried.


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