Friday, June 4, 2010

The Great Bee Cut-out

More bee busyness today! Adam cut the comb out of the packed-full dilapidated white box. It was nervous, long, arduous work. Here's a piece of the comb they cut out. They put it in a new frame and secure it in with string.
Adam started today with a stack of boxes. He also had an empty Nuc box (by chair), Warre hive (2 small pine boxes), and new white box.
By the end of the day, the old box was broken up (see its shell), the red box is full of bees and honeycomb, awaiting a new queen. (It's possible the old queen is in there still.) The Warre hive (the cute one with the roof) is full of comb, bees, brood (unhatched babies) and a new queen placed in there today. The new white box is full of comb, bees and brood. And the Nuc box is full of comb, bees and brood.
So, one hive turned into FOUR HIVES!! It was very exciting. Now we'll hope that they all settle into their new homes and get to work!

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