Monday, January 2, 2012

Anna and Her Dorm Room

Today I drove Anna back to college. She was very eager to go, because she loves school. But she had to hug her daddy good-bye. I think they're mighty cute together :)
I told Anna I wanted to take a picture or two of her room. Again. (I know, I did this when she moved in.) But -- you know, I don't have a single photo of any of my college dorm rooms. Not One!!! It's so sad! What was I thinking? So, I want her to have a picture to remember the mess - haha!
That girl is a bag collector, I kid you not. Look carefully at the wall beside her. See that very long laundry bag, full of wrinkled clothes, against the wall? She went back with all clean clothes. Anna refuses to use the machines at school, because they cost money. She washes her clothes out by hand, in the sink, and hangs them up to dry. That's a girl who will always have her finances in order.

Putting away clothes:
This picture is for Tammy -- Anna is loving her new travel bag! She loves the colors.
So, one child is flown from the coop, and next week, another will go. Sometime this coming semester, Peter will likely enlist in the Navy, and our home will feel mighty empty. The comforting thing is that, if we wait long enough, they all do come back home.

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