Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Weather!

After freezing our toes off earlier in the week, the last couple of days have been deliciously balmy. Strangers on the street grin at each other and exclaim, "Can you believe this weather!?"
An older man gave Philip a pellet gun recently. Is that the same as a BB gun? I don't know. It's only barely a gun. The guys have enjoyed practicing on paper targets, taped to milk jugs. My goodness, that son of mine looks almost country. (Don't be fooled.)
I did try to take a walk the other day, in the friendly weather. Didn't get far. I only have a pair of clogs over here where we're house-sitting, and I can't go for a good walk in the woods in those. I'm liable to break my leg. The woods around here are full of trees with broken tops (from ice storms) and knobby wonders like this:
My mother got a huge pile of tree-chipped mulch from the electric company people who came to cut down trees. She declared today to be a Yard Day, and was out bright and chipper this morning, early, to attach the mulch and tend to beds. My two boys went over to assist. Julia and I are headed that way soon too. See ya!

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  1. You are inspiring in your energetic response to the nice weather. We are taking down our Christmas tree today and I am working on getting up the energy and emotional strength for the deconstruction. Happy New Year, dear M.K.!


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