Thursday, January 26, 2012

What the Busy Hands Have Been Up To

Yesterday was knitting group, and I think it's time you see what the ladies are working on now. H. is finishing the last touches on her afghan. The colors! Aren't they wonderful? Such variety, and yet it all works together.
Julia finished her fourth granny square, and she put them together. This is the cover on her new backpack. Now she needs to knit the back of it. This will be good practice for her newly acquired knitting skills.
J. has been making scarves with this cool new yarn. I wish I knew its name. Isn't it fun and ruffly? Here's the brown one:
And here's the bright fuschia. She wore this one yesterday to lunch, and it was so cute against her black sweater.
M. is working on this rich, warm shawl. I LOVE the cabling, because I've never done cables yet, and they look so hard! Keep going, M.! It's gonna be beautiful!
M.#2 makes prayer shawls, and she is blazing fast at them. It seems each week she has a new one in hand. Here's this week's:
Don't you love her cool needles?
G. finished this adorable doggy coat for her lovely best four-footed friend. Note the flower, and the very nice edging -- a garment fit for a queenly pooch! G. has already started on another one :)
Look who overseas our knitting each week. This area is known for its white squirrels. They are not albino squirrels, but another color altogether. Their number has quite increased, and they are all over town. This isn't a real one, of course. He's made of rabbit hair! I'm sure the local white squirrels would be scandalized to think of such a thing! Haha!
Go knit or crochet! It's a great stress-reliever, and when you're done and feel better, you have something beautiful to show for it.

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