Friday, January 27, 2012

Karen Palmer, the Queen of St. Philip's!

We've been going to St. Philip's "Upscale Resale" Store for decades. We've seen it change and grow. After my post last week on the thrift stores, a friend said, "You really need to do a post on Karen Palmer." So, I am.

Here's Karen. She's a lovely nut. A true, glorious eccentric. I mean, I have to love a woman who's willing to get her picture taken with a neck brace on, by a stranger, posing in a boa. She dresses in this fun way daily. As a matter of fact, this is a wee bit tame for her.
Karen now manages St. Philip's. And she writes up almost all the price/description tags on their merchandise. She researches the stuff and knows its value. Here are a few fun examples of her price tag humor:
"For swishing."  Bwahaha!!
Some tags make me giggle:
Some are just loaded with information that's very interesting. This one notes the work of the shop's "framing fairy."
This tag was on a hat ("chapeau," although I thought the French had two p's, but I may be wrong. My French is about 30 years old.) A whisper of a veil? A prissy bow? *grin*

I took a picture of this gravy boat simply because it's so beautiful.

Look! It's a thingy!
Her humor keeps me hunting out tags and giggling to myself in the store. Folks like Karen are bright spots in our days. Thank you, Karen, for doing a great job at St. P's!!

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  1. Ha ha! VERY funny and clever!
    I have been too busy to go to the thrift store and too busy to pop by the antique market. Drat.
    Maybe next weekend.


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