Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fried Rice

This was supper tonight. Delicious! It's pork fried rice. Thank you, Adam!
I don't usually like pork in my fried rice, but this time Adam used sausage, which gives better flavor, but not too much, as it is masked by the soy sauce and garlic too.

Earlier this afternoon, Adam browned a pound package of regular pork sausage.
He also made 4 cups of cooked rice. He did not yet recognize that he was cooking for an army, when there are only four of us.
Before supper, he added a frozen package of stir fry veggies to the meat, and heated it. He may well have put the veggies in first, and added back in the meat later. I missed that part.
He also added:
soy sauce
garlic powder
powdered ginger is nice, although he didn't use it this time
lots of chopped savoy cabbage - put this in last so it stays fresh and crunchy
some frozen peas
Add the rice, and there you go! We only ate about half of it, so I suppose this recipe would serve 8 people. Leftovers, here we come!

I'm already trying to think of ways to cook smaller, when there are only 3 of us. You could pre-cook the sausage and rice, and freeze them, and only use a half-package of veggies too. Leftovers are fine, but some of us don't like them much. Ahem.

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