Monday, January 9, 2012

Crocheting from Winter to Spring

At last! I finished Philip's Christmas scarf. It took me forever to find the white yarn that matched the red. Here, Julia models the scarf for you:
I also made Peter a fine beige scarf. I went looking in his room for it, and of course could not find it. It's photo will have to wait. He wore it to church and looked so dapper.

My friend Carolyn emailed me and requested a bunch of new crocheted flowers. She takes them and puts them on little girls' headbands, for her daughters and her nieces. So now I've begun this project as well. Here's the first one. She liked these colors last time, but wanted it almost 4" wide.
This one will be just as big, but will be pure cream. I'll keep you posted on my progress as I work on these. She gave me some good ideas from Etsy for other headband assemblies.
Here are some pics from Etsy that I'd like to adapt for crochet. Wouldn't this be fun?

I'm imagining the right colors, and exactly how I'd do the stitches to get the right shapes. We would leave off the mesh, of course. I think I'd try the top photo first, and find a way to make flower petals in that round shape, and attach them together in a string.

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