Monday, April 15, 2013

A Happy Birthday Post

Tomorrow is my Anna's birthday. She'll be the big Two-One. I cannot believe it! For so long, she was so very little. So this blog post is dedicated to my beautiful daughter and her wonderful life thus far:
I loved this photo of her ... until I left it standing in some water on a windowsill, and it developed spots :( What big eyes she has! And a head of nearly-black hair from day one.
She could come up with so many faces. She wasn't a noisy baby, and she made little squeaky noises, so her daddy called her "Squeaker."
She grew up by tiny centimeters, always little. But cheery, friendly, chatty. A happy girl. We moved to Iowa and she grew up in snow.
She was an adorable ballerina, in spite of inheriting her daddy's lack of rhythm.
And more ballet ...
We took a picture of the grandkids (at the time). We look back now with humor at forcing all these grumpy, crying kids onto a couch together. Anna is third from the right. An award to any non-family-member who can name them all!
I love this photo of Anna at my brother and sister-in-law's wedding. She was four. Anybody who knows Anna knows it's really ridiculous that I ever had to curl her hair - hahaha!!
The only photo I have of Anna with her great-grandmother, Julia Robinson.
And with her great-grandmother, Dama Lynn.

Well, all those cousins grew up. And all the girl cousins are growing into to scarily beautiful young women.
Patience, Katie, Anna
Anna tries to get Julia to be silly.
Anna is very fond of her brother Philip, who occasionally tolerates a hug from her.
Yes, I took this at the counter at Aldi. A mother must take advantage of all situations for photo history.
And before we know it, we were taking her senior pictures in the back yard with the roses and azaleas blooming.
Anna adores her daddy, and he's pretty fond of her too. Can you tell?
I believe this is still her facebook profile picture, bless her.
So we took her off to college with a few tears. Of course, she's done fine.
We did not send the Jaguar with her :)
So, happy birthday, dear girl!! We love you, as they say, to the moon and back!  We can't be there with you today, but we're with you in our hearts. Blow out some candles! Make new wishes!
She's as big as a tree!
Love you, Anna girl!


  1. We have an Anna, too, but she is only one six. :) Your Anna is beautiful! Happy day!!!

  2. A big birthday! Yay for Anna!
    The pictures are all so cute.

  3. Happy birthday Anna!

    I can get 8 of 10, I think. From right to left: Peter, Jathan, Anna, Phillip, (?), Kesse, Kayren, Lorien, Kyrie, (?). I'd guess the other two are Hannah and Katie...but that's only a guess. And I might have the wrong baby identified as Lorien. But the others look just as I remember meeting them.

  4. Good job, Carolyn!! The girl on the left end is Hannah, Max's oldest, and the baby that Kesse is holding is William, Marshall's oldest. We took another photo on the same couch, about 10 years later, with the kids in the same positions, and their sibling additions. It was pretty bizarre :)


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