Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Garage Transformation

Meet our Garage.
This is actually a vast improvement, reflecting over a day's worth of serious cleaning.
We moved from a 2400 squ. foot house, into a small duplex. We're thankful for this garage, because everything I couldn't fit into the duplex, was dumped in here. Boxes of china, crystal, books, Christmas stuff, lamps, and the usual tools, bikes, lawn mower, lawn chairs, air compressor.
But. At least one of our boys is coming home for the summer, and last summer's "sleep on the couch in the living room" for three months scenario, was not happening a second time. Where do you put a spare boy or two? In the garage! Argh!
So, Adam and I went to Lowe's and bought lumber. And yesterday morning, Adam built himself a set of shelves. He had nowhere to put any tools or anything else. The shelves are a huge improvement, and they are unattached to the wall, so we can take them elsewhere when/if we move.
In the afternoon, Adam built Philip a bed.
It's very sturdy, built to support a grown man, which Philip is. If Peter comes this summer, Adam will build him one too. Julia likes the bed, and says she wants it in her room next fall. I'm way past trying to figure out a 13 year old female.
The last essential piece necessary to making the garage scenario work, was an air conditioner. We bought this one at Lowe's also. It doesn't need a window, thankfully. It does have a long piece of tubing that stretches -- you have to get rid of the hot air somewhere. Adam will vent it into the pull-down stairs in the ceiling of the garage. This little baby will keep that garage very cool this summer. And it may come in handy later for us. These units are also popular for boaters, b/c you can vent them out through a companionway, and move them around. We may sell if after we're done with it.
Today I'm supposed to paint the bed frame. I'll post more pictures for you when the garage is finished.

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  1. That is a very creative solution and I think I would like a portable a/c like that. Who knew they made such things!?!


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