Friday, April 26, 2013

The Boat Addiction

I was chatting with a friend yesterday. She said of her husband, "When I married him, I didn't know he was a sailor." I giggled, and we both understood. I added, "It's almost like saying, 'when I married my husband I didn't know he was an alcoholic.'"

Because sailboats are a bit addicting.

Today my husband came home in the van with his third -- yes, third -- boat. It's just a little dinghy, almost identical to the one he's building for Julia. A friend gave it to him for free. It's for Philip to use this summer, he said.
The "new" dinghy
But we both know the truth. We've been here only one year (almost), and we now have three boats. And two of them, we got for free. Julia's dinghy, he's paying for as he builds it.

All that to say, if you've always had a heart-longing for a boat, just a little boat to carry you away over the waters with the wind in your hair, the salt-smell in your nostrils, and your hand at the tiller, you should move to a sailing village. There are boats going begging, if you look around a bit.

I think I may have to put a stop to the boat collecting around here though. There's only so much room in the yard.


  1. I think I could easily develop a boat addiction and that one is PERFECT for decorating our yard AND taking out on the pond. The canoe we took not long ago was a bit long to store here. :)

  2. I'd love to find an inexpensive or free kayak; that's so much fun!

  3. Love! I think I have a yarn/fiber addiction, and my husband would have an ammo addiction!


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