Sunday, April 28, 2013

For Those Not Weary of Oriental Flora ...

At last! I discovered that my pictures could load;  they just needed about five minutes apiece to do it. Sigh. So, without further ado, here are more flowers from our little village. These were almost all taken at a friend's home.
She has such irises!
These were in one of her hanging baskets:
An adorable Gerber daisy popped up by herself.
These flowers are a mystery. Their greenery looks like simple, weedy grass. They're very pretty.
Here's another frilly iris!
The knock-out roses that flourish all over town are starting to bloom. 
This is my favorite bush because it's right by the street as I ride on my bike.
This iris is purple -- I promise. Why the camera changed its color, I can't guess!
I really did want you to see this bank of abundant purple bloom, but I couldn't resist getting the very-silly church sign. These kinds of ridiculous sayings drive Adam and me nuts, but they must appeal to some people, since they're so popular.
Merry Spring!


  1. That sign is funny. I love the flowers of Oriental!

  2. I do wonder who does like them, besides the pastor or secretary or whoever thinks them up. We drive by a particular church sign every day and many times I have cringed over the things posted there.

  3. There's a big banner outside a local radio station that says, "Jesus is my boss. He loves you too." It makes me crazy every time I see it (though I have to concede it is not as bad as "some bunny loves you" on a church sign!!!!) Doesn't anyone learn about parallel structure any more?

  4. Esp. partial to the flower with the multiple blooms (the yellow/purple one), but don't know what it is either. So quirky.


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