Sunday, April 21, 2013

Two Oriental Homes

Adam says this is his favorite house in Oriental, and I think I agree. It's lovely old stone, and it's so settled into its surroundings, you know? Like it's been there forever, nestled in its lawn, gazing out over the Neuse River.
Here it is from the other side. Yes, it does sit right on the river, with only a slim road between, a road which I love to ride along on my bike. I've only once seen a person, an elderly person, sitting on the porch. It's a prime piece of real estate with huge gnarled live oaks stretched across the front lawn.
Next door, an impressive tent was set up at the River Neuse Suites. This marks the first wedding of the season. They have the reception, the music, the dancing, under the "big top." The ceremony itself is held across the street in LouMac Park, with the waves lapping at the couple's feet.
The Stallings House, one of our more magnificent older homes, is only a few doors away. There are a handful of large houses along the river, and this is the big one that is easily spotted from a sailboat, if you're out on the water. The family has been cleaning out the house, and now it is offered for rent, I suppose if you'd like to have some large gathering for a week in a picture-perfect location. The house sits directly on the water; if you could peak around the corner of those tall columns, you'd see the river stretched out before you -- seven miles of it. You could watch the sailboats bobbing along.

Flowers are everywhere, in every yard and every bed, now.
You've now seen two of the nicest houses in town.


  1. The chamber of commerce should give you a stipend! Lovely photos.

    And I want to give you a link to a story about a self publishing super success in case there is anything in it you haven;t already figured out.

  2. Thank you so much, Jeannette -- that was fascinating to read about the author. I think I've heard of her before. It is amazing how a few writers become celebrities and become published broadly. I guess we can always hope! But for me, I mostly want to write only because I enjoy it, and because I want to share it with my friends. I think, if I hope that my books will become widely read and acclaimed, I'm almost certain to be disappointed. But this way ... I'm never disappointed, b/c I get what I hope for: writing characters I enjoy, and giving something to my friends :) If that's all that ever happens, I'm great with that!


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