Saturday, April 13, 2013

Going Hi-Tech at the Farmers Market

I saw something new today, but I didn't have my camera. The people next to me at the farmers market -- a cute, young couple who sell pork products -- were taking credit cards.
They have a little table, a board with prices on it, two coolers full of pig, and an ipad. Yep.
Here's how it works. See this little do-hickey that's hardly bigger than the end of your thumb?
You stick into the port on the side of your tablet/ipad. You slide the card through. (And I guess you have the right software or app or whatever.)
And then ... you ask your customer to sign on your screen with her finger. Oh yeah, you should have seen the little old lady who was trying that! So cute.

I recall, nearly 24 years ago, when Adam and I went on our honeymoon. My father-in-law, dear soul that he is, handed Adam his credit card (yeehaw!!), and told us to have fun. I kid you not. But here's the thing:  we had to hunt to find places to eat that would take a credit card. Fast food places didn't take them, nor some restaurants. We did some mighty fine eating on that trip! I've always remembered and loved his generosity.

But now? We could eat on our honeymoon at the farmers market. Go figure.


  1. YES! Vendors at my farmers' market have those doohickeys! SO VERY COOL.

  2. Square is what that is, I think, MK. I've been looking at them; fairly fascinating. I've read it costs $2.75 per transaction which isn't bad. It can only be used with a smart phone or Ipad. If I lived in an urban area, I'd have one (I think).

  3. Annie at my local fabric store has The Square. She's been using it for CC transactions for a couple years or more, I think. She loves it and I do too. I hardly use my checkbook anymore.


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