Saturday, May 3, 2014

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

I know it's a deception, but I think boats at anchor look so very peaceful. So sedate, as if all's well with the world and life is easy. In fact, I know the boating life is not easy, and the people I know who live aboard successfully are rare and unusual. But they make it work!
I want to share two Oriental homes with you. I don't know who owns these homes. They're in "the village" -- the delightful neighborhood at the center of town where everyone bikes and walks. Homes are outrageously expensive here, but it's free to saunter about and take photos! So, house #1:
No one lives here. I've never seen anyone there at all until recently when a couple of men were clearing brush from the backyard. I like the high angle of the back, contrasting to the deep slope of porch in front. It looks pretty in the photos, but the siding needs a cleaning, and vines are growing up the side. It seems sad to me.
One block away, this massive home has recently been painted and is looking quite dapper.
Look at the length of it -- count those windows! You could house a few families in there!
No one lives here either, that I know of. Never a car there, or anyone on the porch. But somebody's willing at least to care for her. In addition to that long, lovely porch, there's a porte-cochere on the side.
I drove over to pick up Julia from her art class. Sandy knows the girl is supposed to come out that door, and she's gonna wait until she sees her.
This is the expression I regularly get from Julia when she sees my camera pointing at her.
As I wait for her, I like to gaze at this shady home across the street. No one lives there either, although I know some members of the family who own it.
So many elderly couples die and leave their Oriental homes to a cluster of children who don't want to sell them because it's a fabulous vacation spot, plus the homes are valuable to keep. Or should I say expensive to keep too :) So somebody comes for a weekend a few times a year, and otherwise we humble residents enjoy their beauty and wonder that so many people with such nice homes would choose to live elsewhere.
I asked Julia to paint me an English Robin -- adorable little round birds that we don't have here in the U.S. -- as the new picture logo for my Soap/Lotion/Yarn business, Red Robin Soaps. She did this in art class on Wednesday:
 She was using this as a guide:
Adam's put it on a banner that will be coming in the mail; I'll use it at the weekly market. I've got a facebook page for my business too, and am planning for new soap labels and new business cards ... trying to upgrade and professionalize, you know!
Cheers for a great rest-of-the-weekend!


  1. Oh! I love everything about your Red Robin theme! I just dropped off a box of my handmade things at a local greenhouse/nursery to put in their gift shop. It's so fun! I would love to sit at market with you for a nice chat :)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this little tour of your town. Such a great place you live. Usually for photos of my teens I get The Hand. :)


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