Thursday, May 22, 2014

Looking for Curves

Someone asked to see more of Julia's art. Here's last week's effort. She and I agree that this is a boy turtle. I think his name is Herbert, but she says Wilbur.
Beau is a bad dog. He loves nothing more than sneaking dirty kleenex and shredding them in an empty room for me to find later. Shame on him! He particularly likes to get my kleenex and napkins from my bedroom -- kleenex from the trash can and napkin from my breakfast remains. I find them all over the bedroom floor. Grrr.
So I foiled him. I dug in a drawer or two and found a cloth napkin and a real handkerchief. Ha! Let's see him try to shred those! He'd better not try.
On a happier note, I'm rather proud of our local WalMart ... look what they installed last week! And I doubted them.
I took the loveliest, longest bike ride yesterday morning.

The jasmine is blooming all over town, in woodlands and along roadsides. As you glide along on your bike, it wafts to you in sweet gusts.
This might be one of the most peaceful yards in town. Note the fishermen on the water.
I've been trying to figure out what they're doing to this little riverside home. It was for sale; now the sign is gone. They were stripping away the skirt around the foundation. Clearly they weren't demolishing it.
And now I see they are raising it, of course. A wise choice this close to the river.
One mailbox clematis
Two mailbox clematis
We have quite a few local artists. This is Sue Henry. I asked if I could take a photo of her working yesterday, and she graciously agreed.
Now this was an interesting thing to see -- the town is changing the intersection, removing old asphalt that used to lend a nice curve to those turning right. I'm sure it encouraged "cheating," or as we call it, a "rolling stop."
Will they fill space that with grass? Will people's tires fall into the dirt if they cut the corner? Why are they making such a sharp turn? I like curves. I'm realizing that curves and irregular lines are how God does things. Straight lines and right angles are how Man does things. This is pretty much true across the board. I think I don't like this change in the roadway.
I'm off to prayer shawl this morning, one of the few things I keep in my schedule during summer, and even then I leave myself open to skipping if I prefer. Have a lovely day!


  1. A nice catch-up post! Your Beau is priceless. Have a blessed, bountiful, overflowing kind of a day!

  2. looks like summer there, we're still getting frost. that's all right because during the days it's lovely and warm.

  3. I love Julia's colorful turtle, and that peaceful, shady swing. I'm considering getting a bike. I live right on a bike trail for goodness sakes! ;) That little doggy doesn't look the least bit ashamed, lol!

  4. I really like your new look...very pretty header and soft yellows and green. My doggie does the same thing! He sneaks into the bathroom esp if I am gone and gets kleenex out of the trash. I think it is very passive aggressive of him as I never actually SEE him do this. Very naughty!

  5. What a lovely post!

    Do you gather with ladies to crochet/knit prayer shawls? I've been thinking about that myself.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Thinking that life is probably a tad harder for you with Adam being laid up (or sort of laid up). That has to be challenging, esp. when he'd rather be on your boat. Seems you're adapting well, though.

    Thanks for the photos....I do miss that neck of the woods. :)

  7. I agree with you about that intersection. It seems a waste of effort and $ to make it right angles. So what if people make a rolling stop? I can't see that straightening the corner will increase the safety of it - It would probably be a lot cheaper and more realistic to change the sign to Yield, so that people don't have to stop when traffic is light.

  8. Oh I want to sit a spell on that swing and take in the view.
    Lovely Clematis, I like the pink one.


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