Monday, May 19, 2014

Walking into Sunset

There's much to share, old photos to post, life events flying past, and not enough time to say it all here. Adam continues to heal well. Peter has arrived for the summer, crashed his car on the way, is working a lot. Groceries have increased. Julia studies biology and longs to be done. Adam strives to regain independence. I slowly seek to calm myself, slow down, sit in a chair, knit, let my mind wander for a few minutes. In the end of life, I don't think I'll regret that I didn't involve myself in one more activity. I may regret that I didn't enjoy the beauty in life and in my children more.
Last night Julia and I took a stroll down our street toward the water and the sunset.
 I didn't leave home looking for sunset pink, but I found it anyway.
 Julia and I dashed down a sandy lane toward Smith Creek. She sat on the bank.
 How can the reflection be more pink than the original? But it was.
 Reflection makes poles rather long.
 I asked Julia to pose next to this old fishing shack.

 One thing I love about Oriental is that we still have old shacks like this, and old river cabins and homes like it too. They sit two doors down from million dollar homes. The village is in transition that way, and I'm thankful to live here before it slips over fully into a rich, non-fishing, non-relaxed tourist trap. I prefer the real village it is now.
 When we arrived at the Wildlife Ramp, the color persisted.


  1. I know what you mean about a "real" village. May Oriental stay that way. There is so much history in the ramshackle old places, and it's not always a sign of success when they're overtaken by Mc Mansions!

    Beautiful photos of your lovely area. I always enjoy your tours!

  2. Aw, it looks heavenly! WHAT a blessing that you have such beauty just a walk away, MK! Beau is a lucky puppy, too!

  3. Yhat sunset is beautiful!!!! Ah, it makes me sad when lovely little places get taken over by the rich, which pushes everyone else out eventually x

  4. What a beautiful sunset! No, you will not regret taking time to see that and to just "be" for a moment. I'm trying to add in some being to my life this year; it's so easy for me to neglect it.

  5. Beautiful sunset pictures! I love the old shack. It is sad when these pieces of history disappear and tourism takes over. I see this in my area as well. Yes, we do need to spend more time meditating on the wonders around us and not so much running around doing "stuff". :) Here's to sitting and knitting!

  6. Gorgeous photos. I love sunsets and even the sunrise if I'm up early enough.

  7. beautiful pink sunset, so nice to share with your daughter.

  8. Those sunset pictures are really spectacular, and the ones with Julia in them are the best. I like having some with, some without a human right here in one post - it demonstrates what I learned somewhere, that a scenery shot often is improved by having someone in it...I can't remember exactly why...maybe it just makes it more accessible vicariously?

  9. Those scenery shots are really spectacular, and the ones with Julia in them are the best. I like having both sorts right here in one blog, some without a person and some with, because it demonstrates to me what I read one time: that scenery shots are often improved by having a human in them. I don't remember why...maybe it has something to do with them being more accessible vicariously?

    By the way, I don't seem to be able to comment on your blog using my WordPress account. When I choose that profile it seems to be allowing me, but my comment just goes away never to be mentioned again. This doesn't happen on other blogs. So I already tried this comment once, and had to re-do it. This time I'll use a different point of entry!

  10. I hear you about time to sit and relax. So in need some days of just that. Loved, Loved, Loved your Pink Sunset. Also the shots with your daughter and the cute little dog.


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