Thursday, May 29, 2014

There Is No Title for All This Mess

Oh goodness! How does daily life get away from me and spin off on its own chaotic path? I just checked comment moderation, and I had TEN comments to allow. I'm so behind.
Right now, I have 8 minutes until I need to be at Prayer Shawl this morning. I shall be late.
Julia and I spent Tuesday in the Emergency Room. She fell from a tree on Monday, onto her upper back/neck, and it was hurting. I don't like to take risks with things like necks and vertebrae.
 She got a brace immediately, then an x-ray, then a CT scan. She checked out okay. No fractures!
 When she fell, she forced tiny bubbles of air from her windpipe into the soft tissue in her throat. That's what was hurting and causing pressure. We came back home after a long day.
When I have a chance I take the bike out, ride along the water, and still my heart.
 Wednesday Adam returned to the doctor in Greenville, hoping for a good report and latitude in bending and applying weight to the leg. He got it! He left his leg brace there. The P.T. department will donate it to someone who can't afford to buy one. I thought that was  a neat thing. When we return in 3 weeks, I'm taking all the old splints, braces, and slings I have around the house. They mostly belonged to Peter.
 We went to lunch, and Adam enjoyed crossing his legs again.
This was my sandwich. I post it here only so I remember how extremely delicious it was -- a chicken pesto panini.
 The hollyhock was blooming and bowing in front of the sunset yesterday.
 And the bumblebee busied herself inside.
 Another entire blog post will be dedicated to the lovely book Adam bought for me online, JRR Tolkien's newly-published translation of and commentary on Beowulf. It is a delight and a challenge and a wonder, and I'm thrilled every time I sit to study it.
 Adam made a lovely loaf of bread Saturday morning early. But it's already long gone, of course.
 Many fun-named boats have come and gone as well.
 I have four patio tomato plants in containers on the back stoop.
 And a few sweet peas too ~
And I'm reading a Gladys Taber book at last!! Stillmeadow Sampler is delightful. (I've used that word twice now, but that's because my reading this days truly does make my heart and brain sparkle.) Her writing style is one of those that makes me smile, say "Ah, yes!" to myself, and causes me to remember things from my own childhood I'd forgotten. How does one forget such precious things? More blog posts on that too.
So you see, I'm unsuccessful in cutting back, slowing down, and becoming unbusy. Ah well. And I have no time to proofread this post, so please forgive any errors. As my mother says, "Don't pay attention to what I say, just what I mean."


  1. oooh I hope Julia recovers well without problems, the panini with pesto is my favorite I love that delightful, adorable Malva you have, good for Peter who is recovering very well, pretty hugs! I keep reading a while

  2. Hope Julia is ok. Oh dear, your family are a bit in the wars but thank God not serious in J's case! Your sandwich looks super nice!x

  3. Hoping Julia recovers quickly. Young people usually do. Adam looks like he's had a remarkable healing! Bread and tomatoes -- my favorite combination. When will to tomatoes be ripe enough for a tomato sandwich?

  4. Your peas look like they will be delicious, but I'm pretty sure they must be either snow peas or sugar snap peas or just peas that you shell. Sweet peas or sweetpea as the Brits seem to call them are just for the flowers; the pods are inedible, and they don't make any peas that are edible, either. So....are your pods edible? What is on your seed packet?

  5. Yikes! Poor Julia! Yay for Adam's progress!
    Good for you, continuing your bike rides along the river. You are a good Ratty.

  6. Oh! And yay for GT books! I have been looking at my row of Gladys books on the mantel and anticipating dips into her optimistic world soon. I have two and a half more days of school!

  7. With all this victory and all this beauty all around, we again see the goodness of God! I rejoice with you.

  8. Wow life has been busy for you. That had to be so scary when Julia fell out of the tree. I'm so glad that she wasn't hurt seriously.
    What awesome news about Adams leg.
    I'd like to find a little reading time now & then but just never seem to fit it in. Enjoy your books. Those tomatoes appear to be coming along quite nicely.

  9. Oh goodness, when it rains it pours. I do hope Julia has no lasting problems because of her fall.

    Glad to see Adam without his cast and doing well. The bread looks delicious and your peas and tomatoes will be yummy when harvested.

    That hollyhock is beautiful!

    The book sounds interesting. I wonder if the library will have it.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  10. Glad that all ended well with Julia and Adam! I love hollyhocks, but can never find the single ones like you show. I'm planning to buy a bike soon, myself! I look forward to some evening rides. In my old homeschooling days my boys and I read Beowulf. They thought it was fantastic! It would be fun to see Tolkien's thoughts on it. I haven't read any Gladys Tabor. I'll have to remedy that one day. ;) Kudos on your garden. I'm very far behind on mine.

  11. Happy Birthday, Mary Katherine; glad to hear folks are on the mend...may it continue!

  12. So thankful your daughter is ok!! I love hollyhocks, so beautiful! And thank you for mentioning the Tolkien translation of Beowulf. I've read the one by Seamus Heaney, and def want to check out the Tolkien one. and isn't Gladys Tabor great? I just discovered her a couple years ago.


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