Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Too Much Beauty, Too Little Time

I'm not caught up yet, sorry.
This not-caught-upedness is shown in the lack of blog posts and the old photos I'm posting here. All pretty, mind you, but some taken a week ago. It's a good thing beauty doesn't age out!
Beau loves to drive when he gets a chance.
Don't worry; the car was in park. Beau is perusing the river for sailboats. What a fluffy dog he is! In this picture, he looks like a dog who needs a children's book written about him.
The car isn't the only place he prefers the driver's seat.
Now, relax and enjoy some blooms from Oriental.
This spindly rose bush is beside a mailbox, but Oh! the color of the blooms!
All these, on one bush ~
Is it orange? Red? Pink? Something in between?
Perhaps the beauty is in the inscrutability.
This local pooch received a friendly scratch while enjoying a ride in daddy's truck. Oriental is the most dog-lovin' town I've ever experienced.
Bright azaleas ~ the camera simply doesn't do them justice.
These folks on Blackwell Point have a nifty decoration at their driveway.
A bearded iris, I believe?
Years ago, I collected a few of these railroad insulators. They look pretty this way.
Knock-out roses are popular here.
Moving on ... to more recent photos ...
My friend with the beautiful yard has a bed of these beauties:
 Aren't they something?!
 Perhaps the prettiest Knock-out roses in town are down at Oriental Marina, in front of their sign.
 They bloom so prettily because they have such a view!
 One house has a fence full of Knock-out roses. I showed you these last year.

 Awhile back I took a photo of a line of daffodils, which are now gone. But in their place (same yard, same bed) now appear a phalanx of foxglove!

I think I'm now caught up on showing you all my "flower photos." I should start leaving my camera at home, so I don't get behind again :) Cheerio from Oriental!


  1. Thanks for my dose of pretty flowers! We still don't have any here in northern Minnesota. When you mention knock-out roses, are they similar to wild roses? They look a lot like the wild roses we have hereabouts. Enjoy your beautiful town!

  2. A phalanx of foxgloves- I like that! Good description! Lovely photos as always!x

  3. Oh, pretty, pretty, pretty!!! I loved the cuteness and the beauty! Isn't it glorious weather? Summer's here! Have a blessed and abundant day --- all this and then heaven, too!

  4. The roses in the uppermost photos are my favorites. Happy Springtime, M.K.!

  5. WOW thank you for all of these beauties! Your little town has the sweetest views.


  6. I love seeing all the beautiful roses. I can't believe I don't have a single knock out rose the sure do look wonderful and prolific. Thanks for the sunny views.

  7. Loads of gorgeous flowers here. I love the roses.

  8. such a pretty post! I love that multi-colored rose -- it looks just like a sunset! Your dog has the greatest hair, he could swish it around for a Pantene Pro V commercial haha! thank you for all your recent comments on my blog, MK! Hope you hubby is recovering well.

  9. Oh, I really like those multicolored roses. They are gorgeous. This is a busy time of year. Hang in there.


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