Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Starting with Magnolias

I'll begin with some photos of a magnolia tree in town, just an ordinary Southern magnolia. They're in bloom now, with their massive, dinner-plate sized blossoms. This tree is being crowded by another tree on the left, as you see.
It's flowers are low on the tree, and thus easy to photograph. This magnolia hasn't had its lower branches lopped off (for easy mowing around), so its skirt flows to the ground.
For those unfamiliar with this magnolia, its blossoms have a strong aroma that is exactly like concentrated lemon -- delicious!
Fully open ~
I bought Julia a very large sketch pad, and she's enjoying her easel. She wants to adorn her walls with artwork.
The doggies love to be on Julia's bed.
My new banner for my soap business arrived! I hung it on my tent Saturday morning, but soon the gusty winds required us to take the tents down.
The English robin in the corner is Julia's handiwork.
In addition to the banner, I've also put together some new packaging and labels for my products. I buy the blank labels at WalMart or Staples and design the labels online, and then print them. This lotion bar is a huge hit -- I sold all of them at the market Saturday morning.
Same kind of label, here used on new soap packaging. The bag is clear in the back and the ziploc opens so customers can still see and smell their soaps.
Lavender salt scrub ~
I took these two on a bike ride and wore them out! Relaxing at Lou Mac Park.
This line of Knock-Out roses at Deaton's boatyard looked so perky and bright in front of the masts.
And now, a few boat names for your enjoyment!

Arcturus is a star, appropriate for a sailing vessel.
The name above was on a catamaran.

Julia brought these flowers home to me for Mother's Day, and they're still lovely!
Here's a brief video to give you the sound and enticing sight of the river at the town pier:


  1. Fancy you outriding the teens! Good on you. Love your new banner, and the photo of the roses at the marina. Always enjoy your photos. ;-)

  2. Dandelion soaps! How cool! How often do you take part in these events??

  3. I love your new banner and the look of your soaps, too! I'm sure they are absolutely wonderful!:) Do stop by my blog as I'm having another book giveaway! ;) Lori

  4. Oh, I DO love hearing the river sounds! Yay for your banner and labels! Beautiful, MK!
    The dogs! Sandy is so beautiful and Beau so cute!
    Good for Julia! Her painting and drawing are so great! Her room will be full of art, as every room should be!

  5. The little video is especially special! I love the sound of the water and the birds. Your soaps and scrubs are beautifully done --- success has a lovely fragrance!

  6. Wow those Magnolia blooms are fabulous and if they smell like lemons I would love them growing in my yard. - Your dogs are totally adorable. Hope you show some of your daughters art work.


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