Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Feeling Loved

This past weekend, a sweet friend gave me a gift. Here on ye olde blogge, she saw that I love a particular kind of diner cup, and she found some to buy online. She handed me a gift bag on Saturday, and I opened it to find these beauties:
Aren't they darling?
What a dear kindness, to be remembered in this way! I finally decided it was time to store my lovely cups in a safer manner than stacking them in an open cupboard ... or setting then on the dining table, as I did over the weekend! We have very little kitchen storage. (One Drawer! I kid you not!) So this morning Adam put in these cup hooks, and now my lovelies have a home. Here you see one of the old ones, and three of the new ones.
They're made by Syracuse, and this Syracuse pattern has a particular shape and feel that I just love. About ten years ago, I bought four cereal bowls from L.L. Bean. I love the feel of them, and the adorable pine cone in the center.
A few weeks ago, Julia happened to look on the bottom of one bowl, and what did she find?
Gifts make me feel very loved. I suppose it's what's called my "love language" -- the action from others that communicates love to me, and causes me to feel very cherished. I don't know why gifts do this for me. The other four "love languages" (if you're into such things) are: 1) words of affirmation, 2) acts of service, 3) physical touch, and 4) quality time. Do any of these things particularly resonate with you, make you feel especially loved, when you receive them from others?
Adam recently made me a very useful, very wonderful gift. He made me three soap molds!!!
He bought the raw materials. This isn't wood; it's a hard plastic from Lowe's, and unlike my old wooden molds, these will not have to be lined with freezer wrap each time I use them.
He designed it to disassemble fully, see? The molds like this at Michael's cost $30 each. Yowza!
And just this morning, a kind neighbor left a little bowl of duck eggs at our door for us. That's very nice of him!
And this morning Adam made me a fresh loaf of bread. There are gifts all around!
Even from nature, out in the grassy yard, little gifts are falling from the trees.
I'm feeling loved, if I take the time to see all that's around me. Autumn is a gifting time of year.


  1. I like your new cups and your pine cone bowls!
    My love language is quality time.

  2. .A true deluge of pure blessings!!! Such lovely surprises --- yes, you are loved.

  3. That is SUCH a nice way to think of it- a gifting time of year!!! And I love your language of love. Might have to borrow that and quote you if ok!x

  4. Must investigate these love languages. they were quite the rage on the Christian circuit here a while ago, but I'm always well behind!

  5. Yes, you are seeing evidences of love all around you. You are blessed.


  6. I share your love of chunky diner cups! I suspect you spread some love around yourself and it's coming back to you. :)

  7. Such a sweet friend to gift you with those cups. And a blessing for you to receive the other gifts. I think mine (that I like to get as well as give) are words of affirmation and time (quantity time, as in lots!). But gifts are good too :)
    So nice to have a handy husband, to make you those soap molds.

  8. We never know when a small act of kindness will bring such a sense of "being loved" to the recipient. The thing is, it always makes the giver joyful too!


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