Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sharing with You the Sky

Here's some coastal beauty for you:
Orange and yellow suns, blooming, bursting with joy, fading.

Today's bike ride, about 3:30. This looks like a front coming from the west, to me.
Clouds over the marina -- the camera lens isn't long enough to capture the endless clouds.
Finally, I stopped at the river and captured a 30-second video for you, so you could see the panorama.


  1. What a treat to hear your voice! :) Thanks for sharing the views!

  2. Happy fall flowers and a nice panoramic view of the river and sky.


  3. I agree! It's nice to hear your voice! Pretty water! I like hearing the wind, too!

  4. The last hurrah of summer with the glorious tones of the marigolds and mums.
    Those skies are beautiful and I loved your little video.

  5. Definitely worth clicking on the panorama: the clouds ARE gorgeous (and, as Lisa said above, it was fun to hear your voice!).

  6. Lovely photo of the clouds over the Marina!

  7. I thought that's what you would sound like! (lovely sound)
    The zinnia suns and the skies are gorgeous.

  8. Mary Katherine, I've just finished watching Message in a Bottle, the Nicolas Sparks book into movie...found it interesting that the folks on Tangier, VA...in the Chesapeake refused to allow the movie to be filmed there because it was too sexual. It was shot in Maine but I love that...the Tangier folks still speak old English, middle English such as they do in the hollers around here and they were, are, conservative and stood by their convictions. Good for them!
    Your beautiful photos reminded me...


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