Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The October Party

Julia and I love October; we love autumn. Actually, I love winter too, but I won't go there. Too many people take exception to that attitude.
Anyway, I decided we'd have a party day on October 1st, so we did. First, I let Julia sleep in a little longer. Second, she made pumpkin coffee and I made a new pot of chai. Third, we took a nature walk. That's where you come in.
experimenting with the "macro" setting on my camera
 We found a bird's nest besieged by cobwebs.

 Julia wanted her picture taken in what she calls the prettiest place in the village --
  -- under the bridge --
 We spotted this murky damp area, which thrilled Julia's heart because lately she's decided she loves biology. She's using an old textbook of Philip's (I think from college?), and doing an independent study of biology from it this year. She wants to take a sample of this sludge and examine it under her microscope.
 I prefer things like this, as I walk through Oriental:
 Anywho, we placed our items on the table, pulled out the paints, brushes, paper, pencils, and other paraphernalia, and commenced to do art.
 Autumn things are so pretty, aren't they?

 They have a dainty-deadness that reminds me of Miss Havisham.
 Julia sketched and colored this -- a tree. She spent some time on Pinterest looking for inspiration.
 I just did some branches and leaves. That's about my speed. But I think they turned out fine.
 Then we looked at Gerard Manley Hopkins's poem, "Spring and Fall," which I love so much.
 I didn't calculate, and ran out of room, sadly. The poem is wonderful. Hopkins makes up words, so you need a soft and pliable mind to recognize them.
 Julia will memorize the poem and recite it next week. I made pumpkin bread for lunch, and then she finished her sketch. Now she's reading two more chapters of Ivanhoe, a book that feels autumnal to me. I think it's because they spend so much time riding around lost in the forest.
I found this half-finished bookmark and completed it too, along with the start of a card for a special friend. Oddly, although I paint bookmarks and have even sold a few, in my own books-being-read here at home, I tend to use old junk mail and scraps of paper for saving my places. Why is that? How silly! I I took this one and placed it in my Gladys Taber book.  Perhaps bookmarks should be reminders of things, things we've forgotten. What do you think? I could make ones that say, "Kiss your husband today," or "Have you shaved this week?" for winter months. (hahaha!) I won't make any that read, "You really should be washing dishes instead."
And that's homeschooling for October 1st.


  1. What a great day! I do love your painting and your drawing, MK! Bookmarks are a great gift!

  2. This was a lovely walk...thoroughly enjoyable and you're doing well with your lens.Your bookmark is delightful! I have no art talent but adore watercolors best.

  3. When I heard you were having an October party, I assumed with friends invited, the usual sort. But what you have done is perfect for you, skipping the distracting fru-fru and getting down to the nitty-gritty of the season. I will keep your idea for next October and find one co-party-er who can appreciate this earthy-artistic celebration. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your delicate little branches and the multi-colored leaves. That would make a good bookmark subject, too! The little tea cup bookmark is adorable. Julia's gnarly tree is great! You two had a great day today. It's fun to see Julia enjoying biology! :)

  5. Julia is right - it is a pretty place! Love the painting you two do. It is something I am absolutely lousy at doing, so I am in awe of people who paint.

  6. Simply lovely! I do love October!!!

  7. Having a party to celebrate October and Autumn was a fun idea. I an not a "winter" person but to each their own. Loved your nature walk and your art work too. You do such interesting things for schooling.

  8. You have octoberish things! Here everything catches a second breath with the cooler temps (which aren't really cooler but are this year) and so things are more living than dead. Lovely paintings! I like that you take time to do that.

  9. Oh, you just described the very best kind of homeschooling day! Your fall-ish finds are beautiful (including Miss Havisham!), and so are the paintings. I'm going to read over that Hopkins' poem, and hope my mind becomes a little more pliable!


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